February 2022 Newsletter (#9)

Hi skier families,

A fun little video from our Shredders group this past Saturday: Shredders in the sun

General Programming update: 

We have a lot of events coming up in the next few weeks. This is a ski racing team and we begin introducing competition right from the youngest ages on the team. Ski racing is an individual sport where each athlete is in their own process and has their own goals. The competition is an opportunity to get together and celebrate our love for skiing and for each athlete to demonstrate what they have learned in training. There are no winners and losers.  Success is measured in how each athlete is improving over their own previous performance. The ski race is the party at the end of the hard work of training and all of our athletes have been working super hard and it is showing in their skiing! So let’s party!
Our U14 group has just returned from Fernie where they raced for 3 days! Slalom, GS, and Skier Cross. We have a wide range of skiing ability on our U14 team this year and all are really enjoying their own success. Our U16’s are getting ready to travel to their 3rd event coming up soon at Sun Peaks!


 Sunday February 20th: 

Shredders Olympics this is this coming Sunday and all athletes will be on the start list!

Team Event with multiaged teams representing Alpine Skiing countries.

2 events, a fun dual and a skills event that we call Kombi. We will be training for this on Saturday.

There team results will be shared!

Sunday February 27th:

U12 Slalom time trial with Red Mountain Racers.

This is the second race between our U12 Provincial groups.

Sunday March 13th:

Shredders Festival! This is for all our Shredders athletes end of season celebration!

5 stations: Ski Cross, Kombi, Distance Jump, Dual Slalom, Speed Trap!

All athletes encouraged to participate and all will receive a certificate.

Current activities:

The Winter Olympics are happening right now! With the time change the events are LIVE from 5:00-midnight which means that I am glued to the couch in the evening. CBC online player is doing an amazing job with all of the sports including your sport of Alpine Ski Racing. Mens Super-G tonight! 


Upcoming activities:

Please offer to lend a hand with the the upcoming events! 

A reminder that you are part of a volunteer run sports team!

Behind the scenes:

Check out the photos of coaches learning to set courses!

And Annette our Shredders fearless leader!