Volunteering is an essential part of supporting the athletes of the Whitewater Ski Team. Not only is it necessary for hosting events and fundraising to keep registration costs down, it provides a great opportunity for parents to become more involved with the team, meet new people, and learn what the sport is all about.

There is an expectation that all families will do their part with volunteering, and we believe that the involvement will enrich the ski racing experience for the whole family! There are many ways parents can be involved, such as:

  • helping run races at the Nancy Greene and Provincial Zone level;
  • pitching in at the annual ski swap;
  • assisting with other fundraising initiatives;
  • taking on an organizational role for the team;
  • getting involved with the board of directors.

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about any of these volunteering opportunities or to become more involved with the team.