The Whitewater Ski Team is a non-profit sports club!

Whether you are 6 or 60, the Whitewater Ski Team offers skiers the opportunity to develop skills, have fun, meet life-long ski buddies, and experience the thrill of ski racing in an environment that instills pride and confidence in each racer.

Skiers register by age category, U6 through to U21 and Masters level. Categories are based on your child’s age before December 31st. For example, a child in U8 will be 6 or 7 now and will not turn 8 until January 1st or later. If your 4-year-old is ready to rip and would like to join the team, please contact to discuss his or her placement on the team.

Our goal is to make ski racing as accessible as we can. Please see Registration for details on fees and affordability.

After registration, your child will be placed into a ski group based on a combination of factors including peers, age, and ability.

The following diagram from BC Alpine gives you a representation of the age categories:

athletic pathways