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  • Feburary Newsletter (#12)
    Hi ski race families, Back to colder temps and great carving and race training conditions. Make sure you put on the extra layer this weekend. General Programming update:  As you may know, there are no bad conditions when you are a ski racer.  When it is super icy, it is perfect for both technical skiing (focused […]
  • January Newsletter (#11)
    Hi ski race families, I hope you getting some of that precious January sunshine these days! General Programming update:  We are into a great midseason groove with the team now and within groups the athletes have gotten to know each other, are learning from each other and supporting each other.  Our team is all about the […]
  • 2020/21 Yurt Schedule
    Great news coming up on 2021 is that the Whitewater ski teams beloved Yurt will still be accessible for athletes this year! In order to keep our space covid-save, the access will be on a schedule, with regular cleanings and each group getting a turn for lunch. Here is the schedule:
  • Zarah’s P.M. Group
  • Zarah’s A.M. Group
  • Yael’s Group
  • U14’s
  • U12’s
  • Troy’s Group