Provincial Racing

Provincial Racers 2018

There have been some program modifications for the 2020/21 season due to COVID-19. Maintaining a fun and engaging ski race program during a global pandemic is not an easy thing to do, but something the Whitewater Ski Team believes is important and is working hard to provide! We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding, and willingness to work with the program changes and restrictions we will have in place which are based on meeting provincial return to sport guidelines as well as Whitewater Ski Resort.

Key changes include:

  • Implementation of Whitewater Ski Team Return To Sport Plan, based on guidelines set out by our provincial sport organization, BC Alpine, in accordance with the viaSport Return to Sport Guidelines for BC .
  • Group size limits of 7 athletes to 1 coach on the mountain.
  • Staggered start times for various programs to reduce crowds at start or finish times.
  • Shorter sessions with Saturday and/or Sunday programs options for U10/U12 to allow for smaller overall team numbers on Saturdays, and reduce the need for lunch breaks.
  • No yurt access for Nancy Green Ski League groups, and limit of 15 people in the yurt at one time for provincial level athletes and coaches.
  • Increased sanitization and cleaning procedures in the yurt, following Whitewater Ski Resort protocols based on the Whitewater Ski Resort COVID-19 Safety Plan.

U12, U14, U16, U18, U21 (birth year 2010 or earlier)

The provincial racing program is the first level of alpine ski racing in Canada. Skiers at this level want to have fun, but are also serious about skiing and ready to experience racing at a more competitive level. Racers train exclusively under the guidance of our certified and experienced provincial level coaches. Our coaches emphasize to developing racers the importance of setting personal goals and good sportsmanship, and how to pursue your individual best while supporting your team. As in all of our programs, racers will find lots of time to develop friendships, explore the mountain, progress their all mountain skiing skills, and rip it up on epic powder days. Parents – good luck keeping your skill progression up the level that these athletes will achieve!

As part of the Whitewater Ski Team, racers at this level will have the option to rent or purchase a team jacket to wear for the season and will have the opportunity to race within the Kootenay Zone and progress to racing at the provincial and even national and international level. Through these races, as well as opportunities for away training camps, joint training opportunities with other teams in our zone, and banquet celebrations, these racers develop friendships across the province and personal skills that will last a lifetime (away camps, races, and associated activities can be expected to be modified in 2020/21 due to COVID-19 protocols, but the Whitewater Ski Team is committed to providing the best experience possible in a safe environment).

Whitewater Ski Team offers dryland training throughout the fall, starting at the beginning of September. All provincial and masters athletes are encouraged to participate.

Specialized ski racing equipment is required – see Equipment. All parents are required to volunteer during the season at events such as the zone race hosted by the Whitewater Ski Team.

Program runs Saturdays and Sundays 8:45 – 2:30 with additional, optional training sessions.

A special note about powder… Powder days mean free skiing with the coach. This time allows for excellent all mountain skill progression, building on a foundation of strength and technique that benefits skiers for life; it is not all about the race course!


  • U12 Part time: $875 + $79.50 BC Alpine fee.
  • U12 Full time: $1,075 + $79.50 BC Alpine fee.
  • U14 Full time: $1,225 + $147.50 BC Alpine fee.
  • U16/18 Full time: $1,375 + $147.50 BC Alpine fee.
  • FIS Full time: $2,250 + $247.50 BC Alpine fee + SAIP Cost.

Please see Registration for more details on fees and affordability. Note: There are additional costs to this program. Racers must cover the cost of the lift tickets, food, accommodation, and banquet fees for each race they attend. Parents will be invited to a meeting at the beginning of the season to go over the races and expected costs. Racers who wish to attend mid-week night-training at Salmo will need to purchase a lift ticket or pass.

Please contact Program Director Dylan Henderson at for more information about this program and to discuss the best training and racing options for your child.

Please contact us early in the season so we can invite interested racers to dryland training sessions.