January 2022 Newsletter (#7)

Hi ski race families,

General Programming update: 

I hope you are all doing well, last week was a big success for the Shredders group as all of the coaches were present and healthy! The Shredders program is in full swing now and are working on “continuous movement” this weekend. Skiing is a very dynamic activity and we are always moving as we move with the terrain, steer our skis, and manage the performance of our skis.


Our first U14/U16 race at Red Mountain was a big success! We had 5 U16 and 7 U14 and one almost 80 year old Masters racer Bobby Swan!

We had some solid top 10 results but this team is more about the process  and fun rather than things that we don’t have control over like results. I like to say that the races are the celebration at the end of the hard work of training. Photos below. See if you can tell which one is of our Masters racer!

Current activities:

Our U12 Provincial group is heading over to Red to do a time trial with the Red Mountain Racers. This is as close to a race series that this age group is getting this year!

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I will try to put up a photo or 2 every week! We had a great Shredders video submitted this week, check it out! Thanks Matt Anderson

Upcoming activities:

We are planning a team event for February 20th that we are calling “Shredders Olympics”! This will be open to all team members and we will send more information soon!

Behind the scenes:

We are moving to a new payment I am not doing the regular “Tuesday Parent Sessions” but I am doing some adult coaching on Tuesday mornings. If you are curious and keen to ski a race course then send me an email!