November 2021 Newsletter (#3)

Hi Ski Team families!

I am going to change our update format this week as we have some important upcoming events and introductions to focus on this week! You don’t want to miss the introduction of our new Head Coach of the Shredders program below!

  1. Info Session and AGM Zoom meeting next Wednesday November 24th 7:00! All team members are invited to this meeting as it is our team AGM. Attendance is encouraged as the more numbers we get, the more possible funding we are able to access. This team is a volunteer run, not for profit sports team that relies on grants and fundraising to operate and this also keeps our program quality high and our registration price low! Link to AGM and Shredders info session
  2. U6-U12 Info Session this will be the second part of this meeting! Please stay on to hear from the team on the U6-U12 Shredders season plan! 
  3. Registration update: We are up to 93 athletes on the team! Registration is still open! Let’s see if we can go over the 100 mark! We have 14 certified coaches hired for the season! We could still use more!
  4. Parent Corner Our meeting links, and google sheets are now available on Whitewater Ski Team website. Go to club info and at the bottom is Parent Corner. You will be asked to create a login. Our program calendar is under club info as well.

Now, I will introduce our new U6-U12 “Shredders” Head Coach, Annette McClelland! 

Hi everyone, my name is Annette McClelland, 

For those of you who do not know me I am an original born and raised Nelsonite.  Spending close to 36 years in Toronto first at school, then as an Athletic Therapist then for 28 years my managing my own medical bracing company.  I returned back home last December and for the most part instructed up at Whitewater and helped out with your Ski Cross in the spring.  At the age of two I learned to ski then race at the old Silver King ski hill until that hill closed and Whitewater was created some seven or so years later.  During the transition years while Whitewater was being developed about a dozen plus families spent the weekends skiing the road, getting a lift up the road with trucks and ropes or tow bars, setting up bonfires for warmth and lunch.  I have been involved in alpine skiing, coaching, and officiating ski cross at nine world cups.  I coached a high performance alpine snowboarding team for two seasons, lucky to travel as assistant coach with the Canadian Junior World Cup team to Europe in 2019 and this past season instructing here at Whitewater.

I have been working with Dylan on rebranding and a little restructuring of the EL program.  We started with the name.

Dylan spoke to me in the spring about coming on board to join the Whitewater Ski Team family as Head Coach of the EL program.  I keep forgetting what EL stands for…so that is where we have added the additional name the “Whitewater Shredders” to U6-U12.  Hope you all like it as it represents this program and gives some identity to the program.

Here are some highlights to the Shredders programing.

  • 5 groups or levels, names of the levels are based on runs at Whitewater and the ability to accomplish the runs with benchmarks to work each athlete to each level.
  • ‘bench marks’ at each level that parent and athletes can see and practice.
  • Measurables, drills and skills for the coaches at each level for practice, mastery and evaluation.  

Holiday Camps yes back by popular demand 😊.

  • Open for all WWShredders
  • Three blocks of 2 days each
  • Athletes can do 1 block, 2 blocks or all 3, what ever works for you and your family.

Block 1 – December 20th and 21st Monday/Tuesday

Block 2 – December 27th and 28th Monday/Tuesday

Block 3 – December 29th and 30th Wednesday/Thursday.

Looking forward to meeting all of you and getting to know the athletes.




Love to you all,