January Newsletter (#11)

Hi ski race families,

I hope you getting some of that precious January sunshine these days!

General Programming update: 

We are into a great midseason groove with the team now and within groups the athletes have gotten to know each other, are learning from each other and supporting each other.  Our team is all about the LOVE and coaches are always reminded of the importance of creating a supportive environment that allows each athlete to be the best that they can be in all situations. 

This is a good time of the season to get your skis tuned with ski sharpening! The athletes are learning about how to really use their skis right now and they will benefit from sharp edges.  This keeps the ski from sliding sideways so that when the athlete rolls the ski up on edge the ski will flex and work like a spring to pop them into the next turn.  If you want to maximize the amount of fun in each session, then please sharpen!

The ski team uses Village Ski Hut for all our equipment and tuning needs.  Let them know that you are with the team and they will help you out for sure:)

Edge angles:

  • U6-U12: 2 degrees on side edge, 0.5 on base edge
  • U14-U16: 3 degrees of side edge, 0.5 on base edge.
  • Also, make sure that the skis get sharpened all the way to tip and tail. No detuning!
  • Then wax once and a while too!


The Provincial athletes will be starting an inhouse race series with the first timed “race” next Sunday Jan 31. With no travel events planned at this time we are excited to get creative within our club and find new ways to challenge our athletes!  For Entry Level we are focused on doing a Team Final on March 7th that will be similar to our past Festival event with 5 stations on the mountain.  Tuesday parent sessions have been a success but I encourage new parents to attend!

These sessions are open to all parents that are intermediate and above skiers. Guaranteed to improve skills and your knowledge of our sport!  No special equipment or skills needed!  If you have carving skis on firm days and powder skis when there is more than 10cm that is perfect.  I will introduce you to how we build our athletes skills both on the groomed runs and off. 

$10 drop in fee that is a donation to our team and helps to offset the cost of sending U14 athletes to the International Ski Festival: Whistler Cup.  There will be a limit of 7 parents per session this year due to covid and we are requiring that you register here: 

Parent Sessions
And fill out a daily wellness check on the Tuesday morning before arriving: Daily Wellness check

Current activities:

We are posting new policies and code of conduct documents on the website.  They are very well written with a positive approach that aligns with our team growth mindset and supportive philosophy.  Check them out:https://whitewaterskiteam.ca/club-info/policies/

Upcoming activities: 

The Kitzbühel HAHNENKAMM Downhill was yesterday!  This is always the wildest ski race of the year and Covid has not changed this.  The Super G is coming up but I urge you to watch some of these races:  CBC Hahnenkamm

Behind the scenes: 

Thank you for supporting your ski team!  The team is looking to fill a silent auction position or positions.   To inquire please contact your president:  Tedd Robertson and he will direct you presidentwh2oskiteam@gmail.com

See you on the slopes,